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Our Founder

From early childhood, Khun Thy gained profound knowledge of Thai herbal remedies. She recalls her mother’s effective use of red onions for respiratory relief, ginger to combat indigestion, and a turmeric-charcoal paste with betel leaves
for rapid wound healing in their family pet. Moreover, her father’s signature aromatic coconut oil left a lasting impression. Khun Thy’s exposure to these natural treatments inspires her commitment to creating pure, sustainable beauty

As they entered their professional career, Khun Thy collaborated with Khun Oui’s company, which specializes in the sales of herbal extraction equipment. This partnership led to a valuable
connection with the Thai Herb Research Unit. Through diligent study of scientific research and engaging in discourse with esteemed professors in the field, Khun Thy gained a profound understanding and appreciation for the vast potential of Thai herbs.

After rigorous research, Khun Thy identified the untapped potential of Thai herbs in the beauty sector. Drawing upon childhood familiarity and their inherent benefits, Khun Thy curated natural soap formulations, mindfully blending herbs and essential oils for soothing aromas, skin gentleness, and holistic well-being. Harnessing aromatherapy principles, these soaps cater to physical and emotional health, nurturing inner happiness for the user.

Upon the collaboration of Khun Thy and Khun Oui, the perfect synergy emerged to enhance Mt. Sapola’s brand. They employed diverse research methodologies, evolving a modest soap business into a thriving enterprise. The company now features a GMP-compliant manufacturing facility and an ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory.

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