Calm Perfume Roller

Breathe in the warm, woody aroma of Calm Perfume Roller and let it transport you to a haven of relaxation. It works to alleviate stress and anxiety, helping you to unwind and restore balance to your emotions.


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Calm Perfume Roller, a harmonious blend of soothing natural oils, meticulously crafted to transport you to a realm of serenity and tranquility. This pocket-sized, 10ml roller is perfect for those seeking a moment of calm amidst their hectic lives.
Infused with Rice Bran Oil, our roller forms a base that is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, delivering nourishment and hydration to your skin while creating a barrier that locks in moisture. The oil’s light texture allows for quick absorption, ensuring that the calming scents linger all day long.

Breathe in the warm, woody aroma of Sandalwood Oil, revered for centuries for its ability to promote relaxation and mental clarity. Combined with the grounding scent of Cedarwood Oil, the duo works in harmony to alleviate stress and anxiety, helping you to unwind and restore balance to your emotions.

Lavender Oil, renowned for its therapeutic properties. This iconic aroma eases tension, soothes nerves, and calms the senses, allowing you to drift into a state of peacefulness.

Whether at work or on-the-go, simply roll the Calm Perfume Roller onto your pulse points and let the enchanting blend of oils transport you to a haven of relaxation.


How to use

How to Use :
1. Ensure that the areas where you plan to apply the perfume are clean and dry. This helps the fragrance last longer and prevents any reactions with other products on your skin.

2. Pulse points are areas where your blood vessels are close to the skin’s surface, and they tend to emit more heat. This heat helps to diffuse the scent throughout the day. Common pulse points include your wrists, neck, behind your ears, inside your elbows, and behind your knees.

3. Remove the cap from the perfume roller and gently roll the applicator over your chosen pulse points. Start with a small amount, as you can always add more if needed. Avoid rubbing the fragrance into your skin, as this can break down the scent molecules and alter the fragrance.

4. Reapply as needed: Depending on the strength of the perfume and your personal preference, you may need to reapply the fragrance throughout the day. Carry your perfume roller with you for easy touch-ups.

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