Peppermint Foot Massage Oil

Soothe and rejuvenate tired feet with our luxurious foot massage oil. Infused with rice bran, jojoba, olive, and refreshing peppermint oils for ultimate relaxation and nourishment.


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Foot Massage Oil, a rejuvenating blend specially crafted to pamper your tired feet and provide ultimate relaxation. This 100% natural formulation combines the best of four nourishing oils: Rice Bran, Jojoba, Olive, and Peppermint to create a soothing and revitalizing experience for your feet.
Rice Bran Oil, rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, deeply penetrates the skin, providing hydration and promoting elasticity. Jojoba Oil, a natural emollient, closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum, ensuring a smooth and balanced moisture barrier. Olive Oil, a renowned skincare ingredient, delivers exceptional nourishment and antioxidants to help repair and protect your feet from daily wear and tear.

Peppermint Oil, elevates your foot massage to a whole new level. Its cooling and invigorating properties provide instant relief to achy feet, while its aromatic essence revitalizes your senses and calms your mind.

Our Foot Massage Oil is perfect for all skin types and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Immerse your feet in the soothing embrace of our Foot Massage Oil and let your stresses melt away, one step at a time.



How to use

How to use :

1. Clean the feet with a warm, damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat.

2. Pour a small amount of foot massage oil into your hands and rub them together to warm and evenly distribute the oil.

3. Gently spread the warmed oil over the feet, starting with the top of the foot and working your way down to the sole.

4. Use your fingers to massage the cream into your skin, using circular motions and applying gentle pressure. This helps with absorption and improves circulation.
Pay special attention to the arches, balls, and heels of the feet.

5. Gently pull and twist each toe, and massage the area around the ankles in circular motions to relax the joints and improve circulation.

6. Wipe away excess oil with a warm, damp cloth.

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