Sandalwood-Orange Room Scent

Sandalwood-Orange Room Spray, a revitalizing fusion of therapeutic-grade Sandalwood and Orange essential oils. Immerse yourself in the warm, earthy aroma of Sandalwood and the uplifting, citrus notes of Orange. This luxurious spray instantly refreshes any space, creating a soothing and invigorating ambiance.


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Mt.Sapola Sandalwood-Orange Room Scent, an exquisite fusion of therapeutic grade Sandalwood and Orange essential oils designed to invigorate your senses and elevate your space. This premium room spray instantly transforms any environment, infusing it with a delightful and captivating aroma.

Sandalwood essential oil, renowned for its warm, woody fragrance, creates a calming and soothing atmosphere, promoting mental clarity and relaxation. The uplifting citrus scent of Orange essential oil complements the Sandalwood, revitalizing your surroundings and inspiring a sense of joy and positivity.

Crafted with the highest quality natural ingredients, Sandalwood-Orange Room Scent is perfect for use in your home, office, or any personal space. Its easy-to-use spray format allows for quick and effortless application, providing an instant burst of freshness whenever you desire.


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